Classic western massage draws heavily on techniques and modalites developed and established by Swedish, Finnish, American and Russian cultural soft tissue manipulation traditions.  A classic massage often employs the use of topical lubricants.  In a clinical setting manual massage, sports massage or deep tissue massage are terms used to describe this approach to manual therapy.
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Yoga, Fitness & Movement Therapy
Utilizing the lowest branch (asana) and simplest elements of the varied and complex lineages of yoga as an applied therapeutic can be effective in treating physical dysfunction and bio-mechanical compromise as part of a manual therapy protocol.  Asana can be understood as the physical practice of taking, holding, and releasing positions with specific intention.  Asana can involve movement or static postures as well as passive or active engagement.  In a clinical setting the plurality of yoga asana can be understood and applied as either exercise therapeutics or therapeutic activities. 
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Results driven therapeutic manual medicine oriented on resolving pain, musculoskeletal dysfunction, and difficulties with activities of daily living.  Drawing on a variety 0f modalities and traditions this approach bridges the divide between eastern and western schools of thought concerning physical medicine and manual therapy.  Bodywork is characterized by holistic assessment, therapeutic treatment planning and focused treatment process or protocols.  The intention is to work with the systems and reflexes of the body at an appropriate depth, intensity and location to provoke a healing cascade.  In a clinical setting the term manual therapeutics is used to denote this approach to manual medicine.
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Change/Cancellation Policy

Jeb's Yoga and Bodywork reserves the right to collect the full treatment price for any appointment canceled or changed by the client with less than 25 hours notice. Please arrive on time as all appointments end as scheduled.