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-Dr. Wayne C,  MARCH 2011
As a person with long standing back pain I value Jeb's knowledge, expertise and commitment to evidence supported standards. As a primary care physician I truly value having a professional where I can refer my patients and confidently know that they will receive a very high level of care. Jeb combines a thorough grounding in anatomy and physiology with a balanced training in bodywork and Kinesiology. He understands the art and science of therapeutic massage. I highly recommend Jeb's Massage, Yoga and Bodywork - as a patient and a medical provider. 
He has great follow up, making a point  of it to tell  you to do  the important follow up work of drinking water, icing if necessary and stretching.  You can feel his approach to his work rooted in a strong knowledge base that he didn't just read in books but he mastered through his own experiential learning process. Jeb is serious about his work does wonders to the field of Massage Therapy. Thank you Jeb!! 
-Kellie K,   MARCH 2011
In addition to being skilled at working on adults, Jeb possesses great skill in working with infants and toddlers. He is known around our household as "the Baby Whisperer" as a result of his work on our son with regard to his crawling and walking development.

- Meline M, MARCH 2011

Fantastic experience every time I've gone.  Very professional but also approachable and friendly.  Jeb is very intuitive and gentle.
-Jarin W,   DECEMBER 2011
I started seeing Jeb for deep tissue sports massage and to improve my posture. I was very impressed with his deep knowledge and understanding of anatomy and the complex interactions of the body systems. The sessions were very effective and restorative. He has a very comfortable space and he takes time before each session to ask and listen to what you are experiencing and looking for. After receiving a difficult diagnosis, I have continued to work with Jeb on a very different type of massage that complements my medical treatment. He brings an excellent knowledge base and an amazing humanity to this as well. 
-James S,   APRIL 2011
I had been suffering from chronic neck aches that affected my shoulders and even my ability to turn my head at times. Jeb worked on my neck and immediately alleviated the worst of my neck and shoulder pain. Since he has worked on it, I haven't had any episodes where I was unable to turn my head. Thanks, Jeb! I highly recommend Jeb's Massage, Yoga & Bodywork! 

My sessions with Jeb have been the most focused of any massages I've had, addressing specific issues in what feels like a very thorough and effective way.  My neck, shoulders and hips have changed more after just a few sessions with Jeb than they had in a long time.  Jeb is extremely attentive, and he is obviously passionate about meeting an individual's needs and helping them find ease in their own body. 
-Matt L,  MARCH 2011
-Teresa R,   MARCH 2011

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Look at what people are saying about Jeb.